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Check Valve Turkey
Materials : Steel , stainless steel , Bronze, Aluminium ,Plastic , Other Materials
Connection : Flanged, SW/BW, Threaded
Actuation : Lever , Gear, Electric, Pnomatic, Hydraulic Actuator
Temperatur : (-50 °C )–(+560 °C)
Nominal Diameter : DN 50 – 1200 / ½” – 32”
Nominal Pressure : PN 6 – 320 / CL150-CL2500 150LB / 300LB / 600LB / 800LB / 900LB / 1500LB / 2500LB
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Valve systems are indispensable industrial solutions for every sector. Check valve, also known as check valve models, is the type of valve that is frequently preferred for fluid control. Working harmoniously at different temperatures and pressures is one of the features that make the check valve stand out. It has a body structure made of various materials according to the system to be used.

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    Check valve is one of the most reliable valve solutions in systems operating in the range of (-50 °C) – (+560 °C). As Ada Valve, we manufacture check valves, which are highly demanded in the sector with their other features, by the latest technology. You can contact us to have a check valve with maximum safety and ease of use.

    What is a Check Valve?

    A check valve, also known as a check valve, is a control valve that allows one-way passage of fluids and does not allow them to return. Thanks to the check valve, the systems work more efficiently. This valve model, which has high operational safety, can also be used instead of complicated fixtures when necessary.

    The operation of the check valve is based on the pressure difference. When the valve is desired to be opened, the inlet pressure must be higher than the valve outlet pressure. If the valve downstream pressure is higher than the valve upstream pressure, the check valve closes. The check valve, which is a one-way valve, does not allow reverse flow in the system; Thus, malfunctions of equipment such as machinery and pumps are prevented.

    What are the Types of Check Valves?

    The check valve, which allows the fluid passing through it to flow in one direction and prevents it from returning, is used for many purposes in different systems. Therefore, there are many types of check valves suitable for different systems. Check valve types have differences according to material type, connection type, and drive unit type. In general, the most preferred types of check valves are as follows:

    • Fire check valve
    • Check valve with compression spring
    • Swing check valve (swing check valve)
    • Double flap check valve
    • Disco check valve
    • Threaded check valve
    • Flange check valve
    • Pneumatic check valve
    • Stainless check valve
    • Wafer check valve
    • Dual Check Valve

    Fire Check Valve

    The main reason for the deterioration of fire extinguishing systems is the flow of water coming in the opposite direction. Equipment in the fire system is damaged when water flows from the opposite direction of the flow. Since the fire check valve only allows the flow to flow in the determined direction, there is no reverse flow, and the fire system works smoothly. Thus, there is no problem with the fire extinguishing systems used in the outdoor environment.

    The fire check valve is indispensable for fire extinguishing systems. The use of fire check valves is quite common, as the system works reliably and saves costs. In addition, the fire check valve can be used as an alarm valve at the filling ports of fire installation pumps.

    Compression Spring Check Valve

    Compression spring check valve models are produced to be extremely resistant to corrosion. One of the most important advantages of this valve type is that it can cut off the flow quickly. Since it provides sealing at low temperature and pressure, it is suitable for process systems where full security is required.

    If there is a need for a check valve that needs to be mounted vertically, a pressure spring check valve should be preferred. Thanks to its spring structure, gravity and backflow pressure do not adversely affect the operation of the pressure spring check valve. Springless check valve models cannot work as effectively as pressure spring models in the vertical direction.

    Swing Check Valve (Swing Check Valve)

    Çalpara check valve is among the most preferred check valve types by many sectors due to its long-term life and easy use. Swing check valve, while allowing all passages in the flow direction, prevents any flow from the opposite direction to be included in the system. It can be closed with its weight mechanism.

    The working structure of the swing check valve has made it one of the most widely used valves. It provides seamless control of different fluid processes in many industries. A swing check valve, also known as a swing check valve, can be used to prevent backflow, especially in pump systems when the pump is out of order.

    Double Valve Check Valve

    The double flap check valve is one of the valve types that is becoming more and more popular day by day as it performs very well in preventing backflow automatically. Especially at the pump outlets, the features of the double flap check valve are utilized.

    Considering the price/performance comparison, it is a valve that is appreciated to work in different installations. Its low weight allows it to take place in many installations. Our customers are satisfied with their use in refinery, petrochemical, gas, and water systems.

    Disco Check Valve

    The disc check valve is a type of safety valve that determines the direction of the fluid. The fluid cannot return in an installation where a disco check valve is used. Because this valve, like other types of check valves, allows the fluid not to flow only in the desired direction; It does not allow flowing fluids from the opposite direction.

    Since the fluids coming from the opposite direction are stopped, the deterioration of other installation elements is prevented, and savings are achieved. It prevents foreign matter from mixing in the fluids in production lines. The disco check valve can work with liquid, gas, steam, and many other types of fluids.

    Threaded Check Valve

    Check valves are available in different types with different connections so that they can be easily installed in the installations. One of them is the threaded check valve model. Threaded check valves can be mounted to the desired system thanks to threaded connection points. For the valve to operate smoothly, it is very important to open the appropriate space in the installation.

    Thanks to the threaded check valves, the fluids are allowed to flow in one direction, and nothing can enter the installation from the opposite direction. Thus, the installation is protected from backflow. There are threaded check valves made of different materials.

    Flanged Check Valve

    Due to its flanged check valve structure, it is one of the check valve types preferred by many sectors. The advantage of flanged check valves over other valve models is the valve that protects the container contents from escaping when there is a break in the pipeline to which it is connected. Flash check valve types are used very often in high flow installations.

    The flanged check valve closes automatically when the flow direction changes suddenly, or the flow is interrupted. For this reason, it can be used with peace of mind to ensure safety in pressure tanks and pump discharge points. It can be connected to many pipelines, as it does not take up much space.

    Pneumatic Check Valve

    The pneumatic check valve is a type of check valve with an automatic opening and closing feature. If the minimum pressure of the valve occurs due to the airflow, the valve opens automatically. It has an automatic shut-off feature when the flow is interrupted. It has a self-operating mechanism that does not require any valve handle, operator, or electricity.

    Pneumatic check valves are frequently used in pressure pumps, steam lines, cooling systems, HVAC systems, home heating systems, and drip irrigation systems. Pneumatic check valves are often preferred for flow and bypass applications.

    Wafer Check Valve

    The wafer check valve consists of a thread attached between two flanges. The hole in the middle of the disc is closed with a bolt and a small circle. This small circle, attached to the bolt, is called the ring para. For this reason, the wafer check valve is also called the swing check valve. It can move at an angle of 90 degrees according to the pressure of the fluid.

    The wafer check valve is used in various industries. The most common use is fire extinguishing systems. It comes to the fore in fire extinguishing systems because it quickly controls the flow coming from the opposite direction. Again, it is seen that it works with high satisfaction in hot and cold air systems.

    Dual Check Valve

    Dual check valves are a type of check valve designed to prevent backflow. It is recommended for gases and clean liquids as the usage area of dual check valves. It has the potential to leach into other types of substances.

    Check Valve Working Principle

    The cell valve working principle is designed to provide a one-way flow. The disc, which is attached with a hinge that can move in one direction, creates an opening according to the arrival of the fluid. While the fluid is flowing in the expected direction, the disc opens and allows the fluid to pass. When there is a flow in the opposite direction, the disc closes down and stops the flow of fluid.

    Check valves are also called “one-way valves” or “non-return valves” because of their one-way operating principle. You can supply check valves, which are indispensable for many sectors, with Ada Valve quality. Thanks to our domestic and international stocks, we can deliver all the required check valve models quickly.

    What Does a Check Valve Do?

    As the check valve offers a one-way flow for liquids and gases, it provides high safety fluid passage. For this reason, it is preferred to be used in both industrial and household products. It allows the flow from the installation to pass in the desired direction and provides an efficient transport environment. It is an important part of the installation as a safety valve that prevents the fluid from returning.

    Where Is Check Valve Used?

    A check valve, also known as a check valve, is a valve that allows the one-way passage of fluids. Since it is a very useful and affordable valve model, it is preferred in many sectors and fields. The most common usage areas of check valves are as follows:

    • Plumbing
    • Fire systems
    • Plumbing
    • Pumps
    • Irrigation
    • Fountain
    • Samla irrigation
    • House heating systems
    • Chemical industry
    • Power stations
    • Ventilation systems
    • Air conditioning systems
    • Cooling systems
    • Wastewater and sewage
    • Food industry
    • Iron and steel industry
    • Textile industry

    Check Valve (Check Valve) Dimensions

    Check valves used as control valves must be suitable for the installation in which they are installed to function smoothly. For this reason, those who will choose a check valve should make their selection by looking at the check valve dimensions.

    Check Valve Sizes

    Swing check valves of cast iron
    PN 16DN 40-300
    Swing check valves of forged steel
    PN 100DN 50-250
    Swing check valves of forged steel
    PN 250DN 50-300
    Swing check valves of forged steel
    PN 320DN 50-300
    Swing check valves of cast steel
    PN 16DN 40-250
    Swing check valves of cast steel
    PN 25DN 40-250
    Swing check valves of cast steel
    PN 40DN 40-250
    Swing check valves of cast steel
    PN 63DN 40-250
    Lift check valves of stainless cast steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-300
    Lift check valves of cast iron and ductile cast iron
    PN 16DN 15-300
    Lift check valves of forged steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-50
    Lift check valves of forged steel
    PN 63-160DN 15-50
    Lift check valves of forged steel
    PN 250DN 15-125
    Lift check valves of forged steel
    PN 320DN 15-125
    Lift check valves of cast steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-300
    Lift check valves of cast steel
    PN 63-160DN 50-200
    Duo swing check valves wafer type
    PN 6-16DN 50-1200
    Duo swing check valves wafer type
    PN 25-40DN 50-1200
    Duo swing check valves wafer type
    PN 63-160DN 50-800
    Swing check valves wafer type
    PN 25-40DN 50-1000
    Disc swing check valves wafer type
    PN 6-40DN 15-100
    Disc swing check valves wafer type
    PN 6-40DN 125-200
    Disc swing check valves wafer type
    PN 63-160DN 15-100

    Check Valve Prices

    Check valves are used as control elements in installations responsible for transporting different types of fluids in a wide variety of industries. As Ada Valve, we manufacture and import check valves from various materials, different connection types, and different nominal diameters and pressures so that they can adapt to different pipelines.

    You can have check valves developed with state-of-the-art engineering at affordable prices. If you are looking for affordable solutions for your installations, you can contact us immediately.



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