Compensator Turkey
Materials : Rubber,Standart Axial,PTFE,Lateral,Dilatation,Special
Connection : Flanged,Threaded,SW/BW
Temperatur : (0)-(+ 427°C)
Nominal Diameter : DN32-DN3000
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As Ada Valve, we produce Rubber, Metal Bellows, External Pressure, Dilatation, Earthquake Compensators. The connections of the compensators we have produced are flanged and welded. Usage areas vary according to the types of compensators. Compensators; They are known as cost-effective devices that are generally used for solution purposes against expansion parts and vibration absorbers in pipelines.
It compensates for the heat expansion to be experienced in pipelines with Rubber, Metal Bellows, External Pressure, Dilatation, Earthquake Expansion Joints. Depending on the operating conditions of the pipelines such as pressure and temperature, the connection installations are made as flanged and welded.
Compensators, known for their resistance to vibration and expansion, are very cheap products. In addition to being fair price according to the benefits they provide, the expansion joints protect the pipes and the system from thermal expansion. The measuring range solved by the compensator is 0-95°C, the nominal diameter is between DN32-3000

What Is A Compensator?

Compensator is a plumbing product used in pipe-based systems to prevent the shrinkage and expansion of the installation, that is, to change the volume, and to absorb the changes to be experienced. Since it is used to regulate changes caused by temperature or pressure difference, Expansion Joints can be used easily at high temperatures and pressures and are not affected by extreme conditions. Compensators also provide sound insulation.

Table of Contents

    Compensators, which are among the most important products in the balancing of pipelines, are used as a solution-oriented solution especially for earthquake-focused, vibration and post-impact applications. In addition to being resistant to all these external impacts, they also provide resistance and tolerance against factors such as vibration and temperature that the line is exposed to.

    Where Is The Compensator Used?

    Compensators can be used without thinking in almost any system with pipelines. In this process, the most suitable places for the use of expansion joints can be summarized as systems that should be resistant to earthquakes, installations with high temperatures, and areas containing any pipe where expansion is expected. The compensators, which are used to ensure that the system works continuously and against expansion, are used with very different materials in many different areas today.

    Compensator Working Principle

    After leaving the titles like what exactly the product means and where it is used, we can talk about the working principle of the compensators. Among the laws of nature are the expansion of substances with increasing temperature. In this process, expansion can always be neither to our detriment nor to our advantage. In cases where expansion and vibration may be adversely affected, this negativity can be easily eliminated by the use of compensators.

    Compensator Types

    Compensators should be used in different types according to the system to be used, temperature, vibration of the system and the need for protection. These diversifications have been carefully made by Adavana before you have to deal with them. We have listed the products produced according to different features for the safety of the installation where you will use the compensator.

    • Rubber Compensators
    • Metal Bellows Expansion Joints
    • External Pressure Compensators
    • Dilatation Compensators
    • Earthquake Compensators

    It is not easy to find what you need among the compensators that make working life easier with their flexible use. In this process, as Adavana, we will try to support you as much as we can. By contacting Adavana, you can easily choose the most suitable compensator for the installation you use, which will make your work easier.

    Compensator Prices

    As with our other products, the prices of the compensators vary due to the materials produced and the product variety. As Adavana, we produce the products we produce specially as our valued customers want to use, so the prices are only revealed when the product to be produced is completely clear.

    In addition, if we want to count the cheapest and most suitable system products that can be used to ensure the safety of the installation and to provide the movement connection, it would be most logical to count the compensators first. Considering the contribution it will make, we can say that you are about to have one of the best price performance products used in installations.

    Rubber Expansion Joints
    0-95°C  DN32-3000 
    Standart Axial Expansion Joints
    (-90)-(+427 °C)  DN32-3000 
    PTFE Expansion Joints
    (-90)-(+427 °C)  DN32-300 
    Lateral Expansion Joints
    (-90)-(+427 °C)  DN32-3000 
    Dilatation Expansion Joints
    (-90)-(+427 °C)  DN32-3000 
    Special Expansion Joints
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