Control Valve

Control Valve Turkey
Materials : Proportional , On-Off
Connection : Flanged SW/BW, Threaded
Actuation : Pneumatic , Elektric
Nominal Diameter : DN15-DN600
Nominal Pressure : (-300)-(+550°C)
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Control valves are valves used to control, supervise and ensure the safety of processes. Control valves can make measurements and controls for different application areas. Therefore, it is a very common type of valve to use. To keep the flow under constant control, a reliable working environment can be provided by using a control valve.

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    What is a Control Valve?

    The control valve is the valve used to control the conditions such as temperature, pressure, and flow level of the fluid in the line. According to the signals received from the control device in the valve, the valve is opened or closed for flow passage. Control valves can control the flow of fluid as fully open or fully closed. In addition, it can be ensured that the fluid passes through at a certain rate according to the change in the fluid.

    Thanks to the control valves, the system does not need to be constantly monitored. Control valves analyze the situation at any time and operate automatically thanks to signals. Therefore, the use of control valves is quite common. It can work seamlessly with different fluids such as water, hot water, steam, and gas.

    Types of Control Valves

    The control valve is one of the safety valves that always keeps the installation under surveillance and intervenes when necessary. Thanks to the signal generating controller, changes in the installation can be detected moment by moment. Thus, the fluid can be cut off, released, or throttled without any problems.

    In addition to the advantages offered by the control valve, the fact that it can be used for different purposes causes this valve to be preferred by many different sectors. Types of control valves are as follows:

    •  Level Control Valve
    •  Proportional Control Valve
    •  Pneumatic Control Valve
    •  Pressure Control Valve
    •  Automatic Control Valve
    •  Steam Control Valve

    Level Control Valve

    The level control valve is a type of control valve that stands out with its simple structure and easy use. It can be easily mounted on the installation to be level controlled. Thanks to its adjustable structure, the level can be determined at desired intervals. If a situation outside the determined level ranges is detected in the fluid, the valve intervenes.

    Proportional Control Valve

    The proportional control valve is a type of valve that allows the flow of the fluid to be adjusted and stopped and released at any time. Thanks to the proportional control valve, the pressure, flow, and temperature in the system can be controlled. It can change the flow rate and pressure of the fluid in desired situations. It can also contribute to the change of direction of the fluid.

    Since proportional control valves are resistant to high pressure and temperature values, they can also be used in processes where corrosive fluids such as hot oil, hot water, and acid are present. Having a high level of sealing performance always makes the installation safe. It is the most suitable valve model for precise flow control.

    Pneumatic Control Valve

    The pneumatic control valve is a special type of valve that controls fluids by operating a pneumatic actuator. By using the pneumatic control valve, it is possible to have powers such as opening, closing, changing direction, and adjusting the flow of the fluid. It is quite easy to control the minimum and maximum flow value of the fluid with the pneumatic valve. Therefore, it can be used safely in precise flow control.

    Pressure Control Valve

    The pressure control valve is a valve model that can easily adjust the desired pressure in the fluid. Pressure can be reduced without being affected by flow rate changes in the system. Its easy maintenance has made it widely used. It is one of the products used happily in many sectors.

    Automatic Control Valve

    An automatic control valve, working using the pressure of the water in the system; is a type of valve that can be used in the opening, closing, and flow adjustment operations. It can easily control the flow of fluid with the help of hydraulic valves called pilots. Due to the advantages it provides, the automatic control valve is one of the primary preferences of many sectors.

    Steam Control Valve

    The steam control valve is one of the frequently used elements to ensure safety in steam systems. Steam control valves can control both temperature and steam flow in the process. When installed correctly, they can be used for many years without any problems.

    The steam control valve is the most important requirement of steam systems. They can be manufactured from different materials and actuators. In this way, a valve selection that is exactly suitable for the system can be made.

    Control Valve Working Principle

    The control valve controls the cycle by comparing the process variable and the setpoint. The controller, which is located in the valve and generates the signal, sends the signal to the output control element and muscle of the loop. The signals received from the controllers, the process variable, and the set point are compared, and accordingly, the valve opens and closes.

    The control valve can be fully or partially opened and closed. The opening and closing of the valve are performed automatically with hydraulic, electric, or pneumatic actuators. In this way, if a process variable with a value different from the set point is detected in the fluid cycle, the process variable is quickly compensated to the set value. Thus, the process continues to run smoothly.

    What Does a Control Valve Do?

    The control valve ensures that fluids such as gas, steam, chemical components, and water are close to the desired set point while being transported through the installation. When there is a charge disturbance in the fluids, it manipulates the loop on and off and brings it closer to the set point. Therefore, control valves are the most important elements of control loops.

    Some process variables such as temperature, pressure, and flow level must be under control to avoid malfunctions in fluid installations. The fact that these variables are above or below a certain value can cause major problems for the facility. Control valves provide a smooth working environment by controlling these values. Thanks to sensors and transmitters, it makes easy and accurate measurements and maintains the desired values with its automatic opening and closing system. To avoid problems in the process control industry should use control valves.

    Control Valve Price

    The control valve is an important safety element that is affordable and also provides full sealing. It is the easiest way to provide temperature, pressure, and flow control. For this reason, many industries often prefer to use control valves.

    If you want to know the price of the control valve specific to you, you can contact us immediately. Thanks to our domestic and international stocks, we can meet your orders as soon as possible. As Ada Valve, we have been bringing control valve products with high customer satisfaction to various sectors for years.


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    Type :Proportional , On-Off
    Connection :Flanged SW/BW, Threaded
    Actuator :Pneumatic , Elektric
    Nominal Diameter :DN15-DN600
    Nominal Pressure:(-300)-(+550°C)


    Control Valves
    (-300)-(+550 °C)  DN15-600



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