Coupling Turkey
Materials : Ductile Iron (GGG40)
Connection : Mit Flanschen , Gewinde
Sealing : EPDM , NBR
Nominal Pressure : PN 10-16
Nominal Diameter : DN 40-600
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As Ada Valve, we produce Coupling from ductile iron material. It is frequently used in fire installation, industrial piping and oil-free air lines. Coupling's connection is threaded and flanged.

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    In cases where branching and transitions are required on the pipeline, the connection of equipment that requires flanged connections such as pumps and hydrophores to the pipeline with a grooved connection, and in applications where the pipeline needs to be terminated, welding equivalents are practical application alternatives.

    The nominal pressure of the couplings is between PN 10 – 16 and the nominal diameter is DN 40 – 600. Couplings are usually used in fire systems and oil-free air lines. By reason of to the couplings you reach with Adavana, you can control the pressure in your pipes.

    What is a Coupling?

    Couplings are one of the most widely used types of reliable power and motion transmission. Thanks to the Coupling, you can transfer the movement to another system, installation element without losing power and time. There are many sectors where Couplings are used not only in power and motion transmission, but also to eliminate the consequences of misalignment.

    Flanged Adapters, which are especially encountered in fire systems, prevent the system from being damaged in case of additional pressure, thanks to their flexibility. If you have a plumber you want to transfer, you can rely on the Coupling-Flange adapter without hesitation and easily eliminate the motion transfer process. It is among the most important products for a smooth transfer.

    Where is the Coupling Used?

    Flange adapters are a quality installation product that can serve in many different areas in order to provide movement transfers, but for correct use, the area to be used should be determined before production or it should be said by pressing on it at the time of purchase. As Adavana, we are trying to produce special production coupling adapters for you in the most appropriate way.

    • In liquid installations,
    • In gas installations,
    • Food,
    • In fire installations,
    • In oil-free air lines,
    • It is used in pharmaceutical fields.

    As you can see in our list, coupling flange adapters can easily do their job in many different areas. If you need an adapter in an area like our list, you are at the right place.

    Working Principle of Coupling

    After talking about what the product is and where it is used, another area we want to talk about will be its working principle. Coupling Flanged adapters are motion transmitting, connecting devices that connect moving, rotating system products, shafts, pipes to each other. Coupling, ie Flange Adapter, is used not only for movement but also for torque transmission for power transmission and yaws. In addition to transmitting motion, couplings are also used to achieve other benefits.

    Couplings are used to ensure the safety of the system, to prevent and reduce shock waves coming to the gearbox, and to facilitate the transportation of the nation. Flange adapters can be used for similar expectations and are recommended by Adavana. You can contact us to reach the suggestions as soon as possible.

    Coupling Types

    Although there are many types of coupling – flange adapters produced with different connection types and materials, there are basically two different types and they are used in different areas for similar purposes. Rigid adapters can be used with care to provide interconnection in almost perfectly aligned systems. In this process, they maximize the security of the already faultless system.

    • Rigid Coupling
    • Flexible Coupling

    Flexible couplings, on the other hand, are often preferred in installations that are far from perfection, move and need the response of the coupling. Flange couplings are often chosen as they are much cheaper and much more usable compared to other types. The easiest way to make the right choice is to talk to our professionals who will call Adavana.

    Coupling Prices

    As with almost all our other products, prices for Coupling Flange adapters vary due to the materials produced and the type of coupling. As Adavana, we produce the products we produce specially as our valued customers want to use, so the prices are only revealed when the product to be produced is completely clear.

    In addition, if we want to count the cheapest and most suitable system products that can be used to ensure the safety of the installation and to provide the movement connection, it would be most logical to count the Coupling Flange adapters first. Considering the contribution it will make, we can say that you are about to have one of the best price performance products used in installations.



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