Globe Valve

Globe Valve Turkey
Materials : Steel, Stainless steel, Bronze, Aluminium, Plastic, Other Materials
Connection : Flanged, SW/BW, Threaded
Actuation : Lever, Gear, Electric, Pnomatic, Hydraulic Actuator
Temperatur : (-200 °C) – ( +700 °C)
Nominal Diameter : DN 15 – 400 / ½” – 24”
Nominal Pressure : PN 16 – 500 / CL150-CL2500 150LB / 300LB / 600LB / 800LB / 900LB / 1500LB / 2500LB
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Globe valve is preferred especially in precision flow applications. It has been used in many sectors for providing complete sealing and safety. It can seamlessly work at extreme temperature values of -200 degrees between +700 degrees. It must have different rated pressure and nominal diameter. You already reached a solution with Ada Vana.

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    Ada Vana which does not leave now technology and engineering ıts possibilities can be met to your demand than to domestic and international stocks. You can share your Globe valve demand with our contact.

    What Is Globe Valve?

    Globe valve is a type of valve checking high temperature and high pressure at a passage of sensitive fluids. It is one of the mos used in global installations and quite effective in sealing. Glob valve shows durable results thanks to ın frequent use of healthy structures. It ensures fluid control if ıt turns on and off often. Even sectors that want high sealing and high ttttflow applications, it has a used in many sectors of provides complete sealing and sealing safety.

    Working Principle of Globe Valve

    The Globe valve has a moving disc and a valve housing located in the middle of the pipe. The working principle of the Glob valve is the insertion of the disc into the slot or completely opening. Fluid flow stops the disk from completely opening into the slot by using the valve handle. When the disc is fully opened using the valve handle and entered into the slots the fluid flow stops. Glob valve can stop flow can restart or can edit flow level.

    What Globe Valve Does?

    Globe vana is a valve type of edit flow and press. That job makes with Globe valve ıf the flow through the line needs to be throttled and opened from time to time. It can use in the transport of fluids to be harmful to the environment because they are durable high press and temperature. It can be passed without leakage thanks to the Globe valve of sealing is required while transporting gaseous fluids.

    Where Used Globe Valve?

    Globe valve used differently from areas of the application provides appropriate opening and closing and checking sensitive flow control. In addition, glow vana has too much difference from areas application provides high press and high temperature. That is Globe valve use;

    • Fuel oil systems
    • Hot and cold water installations
    • Steam installations
    • Cooling water installations
    • Seawater installations
    • Hot oil installations
    • Non-acidic fluid installations
    • Boilerer and main steam outlets
    • Sewagege
    • Chemicalal systems

    Types Of Globe Valve

    Globe valve has many types of different suitable installations. When purchasing a Globe valve, ıt should be decided whether ıt ıs suitable for the installation to which it will be mounted, taking into account the characteristics of the valve. Use of suitable installation be Globe valve provides high impermeability and durability. We produce sector’s of needed suitable global valves. As ada vana,  We produce sector’s of the needed suitable global valve to make fluids flow.

    • Rusting Globe Valve
    • Printed Globe Valve
    • Bronze Globe Valve
    • Steam Globe Valve
    • Threaded Globe Valve
    • DN 25 Globe Valve
    • DN 100 Globe Valve
    • Piston Globe Valve
    • Y Type Globe Valve
    • Pneumatic Actuator Globe Valve
    • Electric Actuated Globe Valve
    • Full Port Globe Valve
    • Weld End Globe Valve

    Rusting Globe Valve

    Stainless Globe valve types of rusting Globe valve are suitable fluids and gas flow’s transport. It works with not problems and often turns off and on of the valve is not affected by the corrosion caused by liquid and gas. Since the stainless Globe valve is easy to use, the fluid can be intervened at any time. Due to the advantages it offers, stainless valves are suitable for use in heavy industries such as hot oil installations and chemical systems. Its features and reasonable price make the stainless ball valve stand out in many sectors.

    Printed Globe Valve

    A compressed Glob valve is a type of Globe valve that can operate for a long time without abrasion on the sealing surface. These valves do not contain asbestos. Since there is no leakage, it does not pollute the atmosphere and the environment. It can be used for mounting in difficult areas as it does not require constant maintenance.

    Printed Globe valve; It runs smoothly in systems containing steam, fuel oil, compressed air, LPG, hot oil, chemicals, and hot water. For this reason, there is a demand for printed Globe valves in different areas such as refineries, the petrochemical industry, the food industry, the paper industry, and power generation facilities.

    Bronze Globe Valve

    Bronze is used as the main material in the production of bronze Globe valves. Due to its bronze body, the valve is quite light and provides the advantage to be mounted in many places. Bronze Globe valves are often preferred in commercial and industrial applications. The areas where these valves are used the most are hot-cold water, steam, compressed air, and gas facilities. Bronze Globe valve, like other Globe valve types, is suitable for frequent opening and closing and is leakproof.

    Steam Globe Valve

    A steam Globe valve is a type of valve that allows controlling compressed air systems. It is one of the truest valve models that can be preferred to stop, continue or regulate the flow in the installation. It draws attention with its durability under high temperatures and pressure. It is suitable for use in hot water systems, superheated water, seawater, non-flammable fluids, and steam installations.

    Threaded Globe Valve

    Globe valves are valves that vary according to their connection types. One of these types is the threaded Glob. Connection points of threaded Globe valves have the threaded system. A threaded Globe valve may be preferred in installations where flanged or SW/BW connections are not desired.

    It shows high performance as closing, opening and throttling the flow of fluid in the installation. Due to its affordable price, the choice of many sectors is in favor of the threaded Globe valve.

    DN 25 Globe Valve

    The DN 25 Globe valve can be installed in systems with a DN 25 connection diameter. In order for the valve to operate smoothly, areas suitable for the nominal diameter must be created in the installation. DN 25 Globe valves are a prominent product in the industry with precise flow control. Its flawless performance at high pressure and temperature increases the demand for the DN25 Globe valve.

    DN 100 Globe Valve

    It is seen that DN 100 Globe valve is used according to the connection diameter of the installation. The DN 100 Globe valve is available in different PN variants. Globe valves with different DN and PN values are produced in accordance with the request in Ada Valve.

    It seals from the body to the atmosphere and is very easy to use. DN 100 Globe valve is preferred in many different sectors such as paper mills, food facilities, refineries, petrochemical facilities, and energy facilities.

    Piston Globe Valve

    The piston Globe valve differs from other Globe valve types due to its sealing system. The sealing system of these valves is metal-elastic. The sealing element that provides the sealing is a piston.

    If there is a system where the operation of the valve will be affected due to sediment and dirt, a piston Globe valve should be used. The piston Globe valve is maintenance-free at all times. In short, it is one of the safest and most economical solutions for installations.

    Y Type Globe Valve

    Y type Globe valve is used as an alternative to the high-pressure drop seen in other Globe valve types. Due to the design of the Y-type Globe valve, the valve flow resistance is kept at a minimum. Compared to other Globe valves, the design of the seat and body has different angles in the design of this valve.

    The seat and body of the Y-type Globe valve have an angle of 45 degrees. This allows the valve to create a straighter flow path before fully opening. Thus, high resistance to the fluid does not occur. The Y-type Globe valve is normally in the closed position; The valve opens when the flow needs to be circulated. It is suitable for use in systems containing water, oil, air, gas, and steam.

    Pneumatic Actuator Globe Valve

    Pneumatically actuated Globe Valves, in addition to the conveniences provided by other Globe valves, are used to control the pressure and make changes according to the pressure. The Pneumatic Actuator feature is used to open and close the Globe valve in it is very effective in gas systems.

    Pneumatic Actuated Globe valves, which also serve to control the pressure and flow in the system they are used, are preferred in many different systems, especially in the field of chemistry. It is also very suitable for any system containing gas and air.

    Electric Actuated Globe Valve

    Electric Actuated Globe valves are of vital importance in systems where open and close valves are used. Electric Actuated Globe valves, which also provide proportional control of gases, are also preferred to ensure the safety of industrial facilities. Electric Actuated Globe valves, which mostly operate automatically, also have a manual control system for their operation in the absence of electricity.

    Full Port Globe Valve

    In full port Globe valves, there is no decrease in the flow of the substance used in the system while passing through the valve. Full port ball valves have a straight flow path, that is, the radius of the pipes used in the system and the radius of the full port ball valve are exactly the same. For this reason, there is no decrease or increase in the substance passing through the pipe at the entrance and exit to the valve.

    Weld End Globe Valve

    Welded Glob valves are specially produced to be welded directly to the system. They are preferred to prevent leakage and are suitable for almost any system. Since they are directly welded to the boiler or pipe, they provide full sealing without the need for any other product. Weld mouth Globe valve can be used for different purposes in chemical, food, and petroleum systems.

    Globe Valve Dimensions

    Globe valve dimensions are international values that show which system the valve can be used for. To represent the nominal diameter of the valve, the dimension DN is used, and to represent the nominal pressure of the valve, the dimensions PN and CL are used. In order for the valves to operate smoothly, they must be installed in installations suitable for their size.

    Globe Valve Sizes

    Stainless Cast Steel
    PN 25-40DN 15-200
    Cast Iron and Ductile Cast Iron
    PN 16-25DN 15-300
    Forged Steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-50
    Cast Steel
    PN 25-40DN 15-400
    Stainless Forged Steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-50
    Stainless Cast Steel
    PN 16-40DN 32-250
    Stainless Cast Steel
    PN 63-160DN 65-200
    Cast Iron and Ductile Cast Iron
    PN 16-25DN 15-300
    Forged Steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-50
    Forged Steel
    PN 63-160DN 15-50
    Forged Steel
    PN 250-500DN 15-65
    Cast Steel
    PN 16-40DN 15-300
    Cast Steel
    PN 63-160DN 65-200

    Globe Valve Prices

    Glob valve prices vary depending on the characteristics of the valve. Some factors such as the material used in the production of the valve, connection type, and drive unit model cause a change in the price of the valve depending on the model. If you are looking for economical solutions for your Globe valve needs, Ada Valve's affordable Globe valve models are just for you.

    You can find out about the special Globe prices by contacting us right away. With current Globe valve prices, you can get the chance to have quality valves at budget-friendly prices. You can take advantage of Ada Valve by filling out the contact form without wasting your time.

    Globe Valve Repair

    Glob valve is resistant to high temperature and pressure, as durable for often turn off and on. As a valve model, it is easy to maintain and repair daily. There is a compelling problem when the Globe is failing

    You can contact us to take advantage of our valve maintenance and service that we offer Ada Valve service. We are located next to the instructions to orient the industrial valve. All maintenance and repair works are managed in accordance with certifications with experts.



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