Knife Gate Valve

Knife Gate Valve Turkey
Materials : Pig Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys
Connection : Wafer, Lug, Double Flange
Actuation : Manual, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Sealing : Metal to Metal, EPDM, NBR, PTFE
Sliding Material : Steel, AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 316TI
Nominal Diameter : DN 50 – 2000 2″ – 80″
Nominal Pressure : PN 10 – 100 / Class 150 – 600
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A knife valve is the most reliable type of valve used in the passage of particulate fluids. Knife valves can be used in different areas than other valves. It is a popular valve model due to its distinctive working principle. We have products in different nominal diameters and different nominal pressures so that the blade valves can adapt to many pipelines.

Table of Contents

    What is a Knife Valve?

    A knife valve is a valve used to close and open the fluid passage in installations with high solid particle density. The valve has this name because it has a bladed slide. The blade slider may engage with the valve body perpendicular to the passage of the fluid, preventing the passage of fluid. When the valve is wanted to be opened, the valve handle is turned, and the knife slider starts to open upwards.

    Knife valves are used not only for solid weight fluids but also for corrosive fluids. Since the valve slide is not affected by fluids with abrasive particles, it provides full sealing. Vertical opening and closing is the biggest advantage of the knife gate valve.

    Knife Valve Types

    Many knife valves allow sludge, slurry, viscous, corrosive, and abrasive fluids to be safely controlled. Knife valves can be used in many sectors thanks to their different types. Easy to use, blade valves are the most affordable choice for many systems. The main types of knife valves are as follows:

    • Stainless blade valve
    • pneumatic knife valve
    • Knife gate valve
    • Piston Knife Valve
    • Electric Actuated Knife Valve
    • Lug Type Knife Valve
    • Wafer Type Knife Valve

    Stainless Blade Valve

    The stainless blade valve, which can be used for many years with its stainless body, is the choice of many sectors due to its full sealing feature. Our products made of stainless steel prevent any problems during fluid transfer. When the valve is fully open, the pressure loss is very low.

    Thanks to the stainless bladed valve, the on-off problems caused by solid products come to an end. The valve blade prevents any solid particles from passing through at the time of closing. Thus, the security of the entire system is ensured.

    Pneumatic Knife Valve

    A pneumatic knife valve is especially used in systems with multi-fibrous fluids. Pneumatic knife valve, which is much more successful than its equivalents in terms of sealing, is a product with high customer satisfaction. Since it does not take up much space, it can be easily mounted in many places.

    Knife Gate Valve

    A knife gate valve is a special valve model that can keep fluids under control even in the toughest environments. The bladed gate valve, which is not affected by corrosion, is less susceptible to damage. Thus, frequent maintenance of this valve is not necessary. Knife gate valves are used for on-off applications. They are not suitable for precise fluid control.

    A knife gate valve is generally used in wastewater plants, cement plants, and chemical plants. The knife gate valve, which stands out with its full sealing in the control of solid fluids, also draws attention with its durable exterior design.

    Piston Knife Valve

    The Piston knife valve is a valve model that is mainly used in wastewater lines and provides convenience in many areas due to its reciprocating structure. The piston-knife valve, which works with high efficiency, has managed to get a passing grade from the users in terms of full tightness. There are varieties consisting of two different body types, single and double piece.

    Piston knife valves can control flow from both directions. Optionally, the installation can be mounted anywhere. Its location does not adversely affect the operation of the valve. Ada Vana piston-knife valve products are very popular due to their easy maintenance, advantages, and reasonable prices.

    Electric Actuated Knife Valve

    A knife valve with electric actuation is the type of valve that is frequently preferred in many areas due to its automatic opening-closing capability. In systems where manual flow control is difficult, the automation advantage of the electric actuator can be utilized. By attaching an actuator to the drive unit of the knife valve, it becomes possible to use an electric knife valve.

    Lug Type Knife Valve

    Lug type knife valve is a prominent valve in the sectors where fibrous fluids are used. The use of this valve model, which is produced by choosing the lug type as the connection model, has been increasing since the day it was put on the market. Lug-type knife valve offers a very easy user experience in unidirectional fluids.

    The bladed mouth of the valve ensures that fibrous fluids are cut and passed smoothly. Thanks to the blade, a situation such as clogging is not possible. Regardless of the type of fluid, it is cut by the knife and included in the raw material.

    Wafer Type Knife Valve

    When it comes to wafer-type blade valves, liquid fluids may come to mind, but this valve model shows high performance in solid density fluids. It facilitates the operation by cutting solid fluids with the help of its knife. The fact that it is easy to use and provides a practical solution against solid-density fluids increases the demand for wafer-type blade valves day by day.

    How Does a Knife Valve Work?

    The working principle of the knife valve is based on the knife-edged slide sitting on the gaskets perpendicular to the flow. Since one of its parts is a knife-edged slide, this valve is also called a knife gate valve. The blade valve can either be fully opened or fully closed. It cannot be used to control the amount of flow.

    When the valve handle is turned, the blade slides down perpendicular to the flow direction, closing the valve passage. Thanks to the gaskets in the valve, the fluids are stopped by creating a complete seal. When the valve handle is turned in the opposite direction, the knife valve opens upwards, allowing passage to the line again.

    What Does a Knife Valve Do?

    A knife valve is used to control the passage of corrosive, particulate, and fibrous fluids. Thanks to its knife-edged slide, it stops the passing substance by compressing it. Although blade gate valves were originally designed for use in the paper industry, they are now part of reliable plumbing in many industries.

    A knife valve can work in low-pressure environments. This enables the valve to control different densities of materials such as oil, slurry, grease, pulp, and wastewater along the line as desired. The blade slider is quickly snapped into the gasket, preventing unwanted transitions. It is resistant to solid particulate installations. It can break every foreign substance in the pipeline with the help of its knife slider. In short, with its structure and design, it provides leak-proof control in environments with high viscosity and particulate fluids.

    Knife Valve Features

    A knife valve is frequently used in plumbing systems where solid and abrasive particles pass. Thanks to the features of the valve, it can perform opening and closing operations without any problems. It offers many advantages with its blade valve features that show the best performance in fully open and fully closed positions. Knife valve features are as follows:

    • Suitable for wafer, lug, and double flange mounting
    • Resists corrosion of abrasive particles.
    • The blade slider moves perpendicular to the flow.
    • Thanks to its blade, it can cut fibrous fluids.
    • Gearbox, electric, pneumatic, and hydraulic actuators can be installed.
    • Provides full sealing.
    • Does not require frequent maintenance

    Knife Valve Usage Areas

    The knife valve provides different advantages compared to other valve models due to its blade slider and working principle. They can be used in systems with solid particles and fibrous fluids. Because when there is any solid material that stops the knife slider passage, it cuts that material and includes it in the raw material. For this reason, the knife valve is an indispensable product for many sectors. The usage areas of the knife valve are as follows:

    • Wastewater facilities
    • Paper industry
    • Food industry
    • Plants using heavy oil and light oil
    • Plants using sludge or slurry
    • Hot water
    • Cold water

    Knife Valve Dimensions

    Knife valve dimensions are one of the most important factors to consider before purchasing. It does not work properly when the valve dimensions are not suitable for the place where it will be installed. For this reason, the PN and DN dimensions of the valves should be taken into consideration. Knife valve dimensions are as follows:


    Wafer – Single-Sided Standard Blade Valve
    PN 10-16/Class 150DN 50-2000/2″ – 20″ 
    Bidirectional Knife gate valve
    PN 10-16/Class 150DN 50-2000/2″ – 20″ 
    Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve Custom
    PN 10-16/Class 150DN 50-2000/2″ – 20″ 
    Knife Gate Valve – Mining
    PN 10-16/Class 150DN 50-2000/2″ – 20″ 
    Double Sliding Knife gate valve – Pneumatic Actuator
    PN 10-16/Class 150DN 200-2000/8″ – 20″ 
    Knife Valves – Silos
    PN 10-16/Class 150DN 50-2000/2″ – 20″ 
    High Pressure Valves Knife
    PN 10-100/Class 150DN 80-2000/3″ – 20″ 
    Bidirectional High Pressure Valves Knife
    PN 40-100/Class 150DN 80-2000/3″ – 20″

    Knife Valve Prices

    A knife valve is the most reliable solution to provide control in the system where solid particles such as mud, pulp, fiber, and sediment are present. It cuts solid particles with a knife slider and provides full sealing. This type of valve is both easy to use and has many advantages. Moreover, the blade valve, which is affordable, is one of our most sought-after products in the industry.

    You can contact us for detailed information about knife valve prices. We meet the needs of many companies in the sector with our budget-friendly price policy that we have maintained for years.


    Materials :Pig Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Alloys
    Connetion :Wafer, Lug, Double Flange
    Actuation :Manual, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
    Sealing:Metal to Metal, EPDM, NBR, PTFE
    Sliding Material:Steel, AISI 304, AISI 316, AISI 316L, AISI 316TI
    Nominal Diameter :DN 50 – 2000 2″ – 80″
    Nominal Pressure :PN 10 – 100 / Class 150 – 600



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