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Plug Valve Turkey
Materials : Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy
Connection : 2 – 7 Way, Flanged, Butt, Gear
Actuation : Lever, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
Sealing : Metal to Metal, PTFE/PFA
Nominal Diameter : DN 15 – 600 1/2″ – 24″
Nominal Pressure : PN 10 – 320 / Class 150 – 2500
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Thanks to the pressure reducing valves, you can also control the pipes that are bursting due to the high pressure, which we frequently encounter in our daily life, and the installations or devices used. The temperature of our Pressure Reducers is between (-200 °C) – (+700 °C). Nominal Diameter is between DN 15 – DN 200 and Nominal Pressure is between PN 16 – PN 250. You can contact us to ensure your in-house safety by making use of pressure reducers that are easy to use and easy to install.

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    Thanks to our domestic and international stocks, we can meet your valve demands in a very short time!


    As Adavana;

    • Peak,
    • Spheroid,
    • Steel,
    • Stainless Steel,
    • Bronze

    We manufacture custom-made Plug Valves (Pressure Reducing) from special materials or sell Plug Valves from ready-made stocks we import. You can ensure your in-house safety by preventing pressure fluctuations with pressure reducers. The connections of our pressure reducers, which balance pressure fluctuations in air, water and non-corrosive fluids and gases, are flanged and threaded. Drive Units are self-controlled.

    Plug valves are valves with cylindrical or conically tapered “plugs” which can be rotated inside the valve body to control flow through the valve. The plugs in plug valves have one or more hollow passageways going sideways through the plug, so that fluid can flow through the plug when the valve is open.


    PTFE Slave plug valve type, which can be preferred instead of ball valves with its features, continues to add value to many sectors with its quarter turns. This product type, which has achieved great acclaim with its sealing level, is not widely used. The biggest reason for this is that the product needs maintenance and repair at very frequent intervals in terms of maintenance. Therefore, slave type valves are preferred as an alternative to ball valves because they require intensive maintenance.

    However, if used with care, it creates an excellent alternative to ball valves. The biggest feature that makes the product functional is that it provides the opportunity to be used in natural gas lines without any problems.


    With its leak-proof structure and successful use elements, API plug valves are preferred in many sectors at least as often as ball valves. This product type, which comes to the forefront in sectors where ball valves have lost their functions, continues its activities with its body made of one-piece casting. At the same time, it is extremely important in terms of diversity that the product can be used as flanged, threaded or welded.

    This valve type, which can be produced within the framework of flow and flow values, is also produced from stainless steel. Thus, the durability of the external structure as well as the functionality of the internal structure of the product makes the product preferable. Within all these factors, plug valves are preferred in many areas, especially in natural gas lines.


    Plug valve working principle is based on rotating the plug along the valve body to control the fluid flow. Plug valves may have multiple hollow passageways to facilitate flow when open. The plug, which makes 90-degree movements, allows the fluid to pass completely or to stop its passage completely.


    Plug valve is used to provide flow in pipelines with particles. While particles damage other valves, lubricated plug valves are not affected by them. Thus, the passage of the fluid can be controlled in a healthy way. Another convenience of plug valves is that the particles that can block the installation solidify and prevent them from clogging the valve. It ensures the safety of the flow in the lines where substances such as mud and slurry are transported.


    All of our products comply with DIN –ANSI – API norms. Click to Review Our Quality Certificates!


    Ada Vana Has Passed Quality Management System Certifications Like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, CE, TS, API


    Material :Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Monel, Hastelloy
    Connection :2 – 7 Way, Flanged, Butt, Gear
    Actuation :Lever, Gear Box, Electric, Pneumatic, Hydraulic
    Sealing:Metal to Metal, PTFE/PFA
    Nominal Diameter :DN 15 – 600 1/2″ – 24″
    Nominal Pressure :PN 10 – 320 / Class 150 – 2500


    Standard Design
    PN 10-40/Class 150-300DN 15-500/1/2″ – 20″ 
    3 – 7 Way Plug Valve
    PN 10-40/Class 150-300DN 15-500/1/2″ – 20″ 
    High Pressure Plug Valve
    PN 10-100/Class 100-600DN 15-500/1/2″ – 20″



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