Pressure Regulator

Pressure Regulator Turkey
Materials : Pig Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Bronze, Special Materials
Connection : Flanged, Threaded
Actuation : Self Operated
Temperatur : (-200 °C) – (+700 °C)
Nominal Diameter : DN 15 – 250
Nominal Pressure : PN 16 – 250
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Pressure Regulator valves offer practical solutions against pressure rises, which are an important problem for processes. There are various pressure-reducing valves available for use in different processes. They can operate between (-200 °C) – (+700 °C) temperature values. The nominal diameter of Ada Vana pressure-reducing valve products is between DN15 - DN 200 and their nominal pressure is between PN 16 - PN 250.

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    What is a Pressure Regulator Valve?

    The pressure-reducing valve is the valve that reduces the pressure in a controlled manner when the pressure in the system rises above what it should be. The high pressure prevents the system from working properly. It can damage equipment such as pumps, valves, and machinery in the system. For this reason, the use of a pressure-reducing valve is very important for safety.

    The system runs smoothly thanks to the pressure-reducing valves. In systems where no Pressure Regulator valve is used, equipment starts to leak first and then breaks down. And even pipes can burst, and the system can get completely out of control. You can be sure of the safety of your installation with Ada Valve pressure reducer models with different features

    Working Principle of Pressure Regulator Valve

    The adjustment bolt on the pressure-reducing valve opens the pilot valve and allows the controlled steam to enter the valve orifice. If the flow amount on the pilot valve exceeds the flow amount at the control point, there is a pressure increase under the main diaphragm of the valve. The pressure increase, over time, exceeds the pressure in the return spring, allowing the main valve to open.

    The steam that causes the pressure passes through the main valve. It raises the steam outlet pressure and transmits it under the pilot diaphragm. The pilot valve is throttled until the upper and lower pressures of the diaphragm reach the equilibrium point. In short, the working principle of the pressure-reducing valve is to reduce the high pressure inside with the help of steam.

    Pressure Regulator Valve Types

    Pressure is one of the riskiest situations for plumbing systems. It is necessary to use a pressure-reducing valve for a safe working environment. Pressure-reducing valves have been diversified to be suitable for use in installations under different conditions. Pressure-reducing valve types are as follows:

    • Water Pressure Regulator Valve
    • 3-Way Pressure Regulator Valve
    • ¾ Pressure Regulator Valve
    • ½ Pressure Regulator Valve
    • Y Type Pressure Regulator Valve
    • Air Pressure Regulator Valve
    • Fire Pressure Regulator Valve
    • Threaded Pressure Regulator Valve 

    Water Pressure Regulator Valve

    The water Pressure Regulator valve is one of the most widely used valve models for pressure reduction. It is preferred to use the water system in order not to be damaged due to the pressure. When installed in the installation, it balances the inlet pressure coming from the water network at the required value.

    3-Way Pressure Regulator Valve

    The 3-way Pressure Regulator valve is the valve used to prevent pipelines from being damaged by pressure. Since its size is small compared to other valve models, it can be easily installed in the desired location of the installation. It provides full tightness and full security when the right size is selected.

    ¾ Pressure Regulator Valve

    ¾ When the Pressure Regulator valve is installed in suitable sized installations, it protects the entire installation from high pressure. These valves can be used with different types of fluids such as gas, water, air, and chemical. It is preferred by many sectors to prevent equipment and pipes from being damaged due to sudden changes in pressure.

    ½ Pressure Regulator Valve

    ½ Pressure Regulator valve is the valve that protects the installation from high pressure without any problem at temperature values between (-200 °C) – (+700 °C). It is used so that the operation of the system is not adversely affected by sudden fluctuations in pressure. There are varieties produced from different materials such as stainless steel, cast iron, ductile iron, and bronze.

    Y Type Pressure Regulator Valve

    Y-type Pressure Regulator valve provides serious advantages for some systems due to its design. In plumbing systems, if the pressure of the water coming from the network suddenly rises, it reduces the pressure in a controlled way. Y type Pressure Regulator valves have models in DN15- DN200 and PN16 - PN250 ranges.

    Air Pressure Regulator Valve

    Air pressure is one of the most common causes of malfunctions in plumbing systems. When the air pressure rises suddenly in the installation, it can cause the equipment to break down and even explode. For this reason, it is necessary to use an air pressure-reducing valve and take precautions.

    Threaded Pressure Regulator Valve

    Precautions are taken by using a pressure-reducing valve in installations where high pressure is likely to occur. There are two different models of pressure-reducing valves, threaded and flanged, according to the connection type. The threaded pressure-reducing valve is easily mounted on the installation and provides a full tightness and high-pressure safety environment.

    Pressure Regulator Sizes

    T6 for Steam
    PN16- 250DN 15 – 200
    T7 – for Steam
    PN16- 40DN 15 – 200
    T8 – for Superheated Steam
    PN16- 160DN 20/40 – 80/125
    T9 – for Liquids and Gases
    PN16- 40DN 15 – 200
    T92 – for Liquids and Gases
    PN16- 40DN 15 – 200
    T679 – for Liquids and Gases
    PN16 – 40DN 15 – 65
    PRV-250 – For all Fluids
    PN 16-250DN 15 – 250
    Bronze Pressure Regulators
    PN16- 40DN 15 – 200



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