Pressure Relief Valve

Pressure Relief Valve Turkey
Materials : Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Materials
Connection : Flanged, Threaded
Actuation : Automatic
Temperatur : (-200 °C) – (+700 °C)
Nominal Diameter : DN 15 – 200
Nominal Pressure : PN 16 – 100
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The pressure relief valve is a special type of valve used to ensure the safety of the installation when the pressure in the installation rises. It is among the first choices of many sectors due to its easy use. It can operate in the temperature ranges (-200 °C) – (+700 °C) without any problems. It is a product that has gained user satisfaction with its advantages and reasonable price.

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    What is a Pressure Relief Valve?

    The pressure relief valve is the valve that detects when there is a sudden pressure change in the system and starts to evacuate. When the pressure is detected above the set value in the system, the valve activates and reduces the pressure. Thus, pipes, valves, pumps, and machines in the system are not damaged due to pressure. Thus, the system continues to operate in a long-lasting and healthy manner.

    The pressure relief valve is a critical element for installations due to the protection it provides. It can work with mains pressure without needing extra energy. It does not require frequent maintenance and is easy to maintain.

    Pressure Relief Valve Types

    When the pressure in the installation rises for any reason, the pressure must be reduced by evacuating the fluid. The pressure relief valve, whose operation is based on this, is used for safety in many installations. Therefore, there are different types of pressure relief valves. Pressure relief valve types are as follows:

    • Differential Pressure Relief Valve
    • Combi Pressure Relief Valve
    • Threaded Relief Valve
    • Fire Relief Valve

    Differential Pressure Relief Valve

    When the differential pressure in the system increases, the differential pressure relief valve evacuates the fluid and maintains the pressure at the required value. Thus, the system is not adversely affected by pressure changes. Sudden pressure changes are one of the most important problems for processes. Failures are common in systems that do not use a differential pressure relief valve.

    Combi Pressure Relief Valve

    If the pressure in the combi boilers exceeds the required value, it may cause the equipment in the system to break down and even cause the pipes to burst. Also, the combi pressure relief valve prevents hot water leakage in the system. Since combi boiler systems are mainly used in homes and workplaces, the use of a combi pressure relief valve is essential in terms of life safety.

    Threaded Relief Valve

    A threaded relief valve can be used safely by mounting on pipes suitable for threaded connection. The automatic drive unit provides ease of use. Threaded relief valves are available in models made of different materials such as pig, ductile iron, and steel.

    Fire Relief Valve

    It is used in fire systems to prevent other equipment, especially fire pumps, from being damaged by pressure. The fire relief valve discharges water quickly to reduce the high pressure in the system. Thus, there is no disruption due to excessive pressure.

    Fire relief valves can be easily injured to the desired pressure value. Thanks to its sensitive mechanisms, pressure changes can be detected easily. When the pressure rises above what it should be, it evacuates regularly and leaves no room for the problem. It can be easily mounted on any fire system thanks to its flanged and threaded welding connection.

    Working Principle of Pressure Relief Valve

    The working principle of the pressure relief valve is to release the high pressure that forces the installation when the pressure in the hydraulic line rises. Also known as a relief valve, this type of valve reduces pressure by rapidly relieving the pressure that has risen due to a sudden change in fluid velocity.

    pressure relief valve; If the pressure in the installation is at the set pressure level, it is closed. When a pressure above the set pressure is detected, the valve starts to open. As soon as the pressure relief valve opens, the fluid is quickly released. When the inlet pressure reaches the desired pressure, the valve closes again. Thus, the installation continues to operate without being damaged by pressure.

    What Does a Pressure Relief Valve Do?

    The pressure relief valve is one of the safety valve types that ensures the proper functioning of the installation. If the pressure is not reduced when it exceeds the desired limit, the pumps, motors, actuators and other machines on the line may be damaged. These machines become unusable if they are damaged by high pressure. As the market prices are quite high, it increases the cost of the firm.

    The pressure relief valve, on the other hand, prevents all these damages from occurring and provides the company with significant savings. It is much more affordable to purchase a pressure relief valve to keep the installation safe than for machines that will fail. Since the installation works without stopping, it also saves repair and stops times. In short, the pressure relief valve ensures a long-lasting and economical operation.



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    Materials :Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel, Stainless Steel, Special Materials
    Connection :Flanged, Threaded
    Actuation :Automatic
    Temperatur :(-200 °C) – (+700 °C)
    Nominal Diameter :DN 15 – 200
    Nominal Pressure :PN 16 – 100


    Pressure Relief Valves
    PN 16-100DN 15-200 

    Pressure Relief Valve Prices

    Pressure relief valve prices vary by product model. Working at high pressure and wide temperature values, this valve is one of the most economical measures to be taken against pressure. Damages in systems without pressure relief valves are very costly.

    As Ada Vana, we manufacture pressure relief valves with different nominal diameters, nominal pressures, and connection types from cast iron, ductile iron, steel, stainless steel, and special materials. You can get information about the prices of pressure relief valve models suitable for your needs by contacting us. Thanks to our domestic and international stocks, we can meet your needs as soon as possible.



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