Pressure Sensor

Pressure Sensor Turkey
Materials : Paslanmaz Çelik ( AISI 316L)
Connection : Alttan
Type : Normal, Ex – Proof
Output type : 4-20 mA, 0-10V
Measuring Range : 0-2000 Bar Stainless Steel ( AISI 316L)
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As Ada Valve, you can ensure that compressed air systems work more efficiently with Pressure Transmitters that we have produced from Stainless Steel (AISI 316L) material. You can easily use it in your businesses to make your hydraulic and compressed air systems sensitive, fast and more flexible in terms of control.

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    Pressure Transmitters, which are easy to use and easy to install, are connected from the bottom. The output type of our product, whose type is Normal and Ex-Proof, is 0-10V with 4-20Ma. The measuring weight is between 0 and 2000 Bar. It also enables it to convert the magnitude or change of pressure to the standard electrical value with the measured Pressure Transmitters.

    Thus, reliable fluid measurement is provided with Pressure Transmitters that help detect the change in any process and direct the current process. If you want to have Pressure Transmitters at affordable prices, you can contact us.

    What is a Pressure Transmitter?

    The Pressure Transmitter, which facilitates the controllability of the results that we will encounter in the systems, is user-friendly with its use in every sector. The pressure transmitter interprets the measured pressure value and the change in pressure value by converting it to an electrical value. Pressure transmitters can be easily used at high temperatures and high pressures for measuring filter contamination, measuring pressure tanks.

    To summarize the pressure transmitter, this system element simply acts as a sensor that measures the pressure of gases and liquids. Instead of just displaying the pressure value, it clearly warns the user about the increase and decrease of the pressure, its change and the magnitude of the change. You can easily understand whether the system is healthy or not, thanks to these magnitudes, which are displayed as electrical values. The pressure transmitter will make your job much easier for the system to be regular and stable.

    Where is the Pressure Transmitter Used?

    If you have some idea of ​​what a transmitter is, you must have agreed with us that there is a system element that should be used in almost every system, installation. Pressure transmitters demonstrate their potential in many different areas. In addition to being among the most preferred pressure elements, they also attract great attention with their versatility.

    • In liquid installations,
    • In gas installations,
    • in industry,
    • In all systems that require regular measurement,
    • Chemical,
    • Food,
    • Medicine,
    • It is used in technological tools.

    As you can see in the list, pressure transmitters are used in many different areas to do similar work. If you want to have information about pressure change and contribute to the safety of the system, pressure transmitters are definitely among the products you should meet first.

    Working Principle of Pressure Transmitter

    There is a very, very important principle that distinguishes the product from other sensors and pressure gauges. The working principle of pressure transmitters is that unlike other measuring devices, they do not measure only absolute or only relative. Thanks to the transmitter, which can perform these two important measurement types on its own, you can easily learn the pressure values ​​of the gases and liquids in your system, both relative and absolute.

    During this time, you can not only observe absolute values, but also easily follow the changes in pressure values. It can be used as one of the easiest methods to understand how the pressure of the installation increases or decreases, and it is one of the most important products to be used in areas such as analysis and security.

    Pressure Transmitter Types

    The types of pressure transmitters produced by Adavana also vary according to Adavana and the consumer. Unlike our other materials, we would like to share with you the types of pressure transmitters that we produce largely in one type, instead of using very different materials, but that we can make changes in private.

    • Rust Pressure Transmitter
    • Finger Type Pressure Transmitter
    • Ex-Proof Pressure Transmitter

    We tried to share with you the types that can change according to the system to be used and your preference. Before deciding on a product, you can get information about the product and its varieties by calling Adavana officials, so you can easily access the right product for you as soon as possible.

    Pressure Transmitter Prices

    As with our other products, the prices are directly related to which type you prefer for the area you want to use, and which materials it is related to. In this process, it would not be right for us to share an exact price with you because as Adavana, we produce custom-made transmitters according to your wishes and offer them to your use.

    Therefore, the price varies according to the material produced. By calling Adavana, you can both find out the pressure transmitter prices and find answers to any question you may have about the subject. Do not doubt the professionalism and knowledge of our teammates who will be in contact with you.

    Pressure Transmitter
    0-2000 Bar4-20 mA, 0-10V 
    Differantial Pressure Transmitter – for Low and Differantial Pressure
    (-1)-(1000 m Bar)4-20 mA



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